Recording Gear

MCI 428 in use at Bogue Sound


MCI 428 — Quad/Stereo console, 28 channels, 16 buses, four reverb sends, Neve-meets-API EQ

Studer 269 - 16 channels of Swiss-made gentle goodness with parametric EQ and compressors


  RADAR-24 - 24 track dedicated hard-disk recorder with amazing A/D and D/A

  AMPEX 440C 8-track 1” tape machine

  AMPEX 351 - 1955 1/4" tape machine - all tube electronics

  STUDER A807 - 2-track 1/4” Swiss-made tape machine with timecode track

  SoundDevices and Edirol 4-channel location/film recorders

Dobro c24


  Telefunken U47 tube mic (1952)  -  Vocals as big as a house

  Neumann M49  tube mic (1949) (x2)

  Neumann U67 tube mic (1968) (x3)

  AKG C-24 stereo tube mic (1962) -- it's like having two C-12's - sounds awesome on drum overheads

  Neumann km-54 (x2) / km-56 (x3) -- fantastic small diaphragm tube mic - absolutely lovely on mandolin and acoustic guitar

  Neumann km-84 (x2)  

  Neumann km-85 (x2)  

  Altec M11 coke-bottle mic (x4) -- small diaphragm tube mic

  AKG C-414EB -- compact large diaphragm mic liberated from the sorely missed JAG studios

  AKG D-12 

  RCA 44BX -- Big-butt broadcast ribbon mic like no other (x3)

  RCA KU-3A — Unidirectional large-geometry ribbon mic, built for the film industry (only 500 of these were made).  Great for vocals and horns.

  RCA 77DX -- Smaller (but still quite righteous) broadcast ribbon mic

  RCA BK5A ribbon mic (x3)

  Altec 633 "salt shaker" omnidirectional mic

  Coles 4038 (x2) -- BBC ribbon mics

  Altec/Western Electric 639A "Birdcage" ribbon mic  (x2)

  Royer 121

  Royer SF-24 - modern phantom-powered stereo ribbon microphone -- excellent on drum overheads, guitars, choirs

  Beyer m-160 (x3) 

  Sony C37a tube mic

  Sony C38 mics (x2)

  Shure sm57 (x2) 

  Shure sm58 (x2)

  Shure beta87 (x2) 

  Shure KSM32 (x2) 

  Shure "Green Bullet" harp mic

  Senheiser e609

  Senheiser MD-421

  ElectroVoice RE-20 (x2) 

  Neumann TLM-103  --  the mic they love to hate

  DPA 4061 (x2)  

Dave adjusting more mics

Mic Pre-Amplifiers:

28 channels of MCI 428 console pre’s — modded with discrete op-amps

2 channels of Neve 31102 — huge gain, big iron, fantastic EQ

RCA BN-2A - Vacuum-tube remote pre-amp / mixer with 90db of gain

RCA BA-2C - Vacuum-tube pre - sounds huge  (x4)

RCA BA-11 - Vacuum-tube pre (x2)

Gates SA-70 - Vacuum tube pre’s - so bold and huge!  (x2)

2 channels of Aurora GTQ2  (Neve clone)

8 channels of Aurora GTP8 (Neve clone)

4 channels of Telefunken/Tab/Siemens v72 modules - 1950's German tube pre-amps

2 channels of Telefunken/Tab/Siemens v76 modules - 1950's German tube pre-amps -- big, wide, open, high-gain monsters

4 channels of API 512

4 channels of John Hardy M-1

16 channels of Studer 269 console pre's

24 channels of ATI 8MX2 for remote/on-location recording/mixing

 In the studio...

Or recording live on-location, from inside the van... 

Working in the Recording Van


Lang PEQ2 — Sweet, sweet, powerful EQ with massive inductors and transformers (x2)

Pultec EQP1A — Inductor / vacuum-tube EQ

Pultec MEQ5 — Mid-Range Inductor / vacuum-tube EQ

Terry Audio CEQ — Gorgeous hand-made EQ full of carefully selected inductors and oil caps

Collins 26u — A beast of a tube limiter!  Vari-Mu not to be trifled with.  (x2)

Universal Audio 175 tube limiter — Stellar tube limiter designed by Bill Putnam

Highland Dynamics BG2 limiter  -  Amazing  tube limiter with American/Brit personality

Highland Dynamics BG1 Stereo limiter

Spectrasonics 610 Complimiter — Nothing to see here, move along (x8)

Teletronix LA-2A tube-based opto compressor (1967)  --  awesome on vocals

Gates Sta-Level tube compressor - amazing tube broadcast compressor

Daking FET III limiter

UREI 1178 compressor 

UREI LA-4 solid-state opto compressor

Neve 2254e compressor/limiter (x2)

DBX 165 "over easy" compressor (x2)

DBX 160VU compressors (x2)

Empirical Labs Distressor

Telefunken/Tab/Siemens u73 tube compressor (x2)

Toneluxe EQ4 (x2) 

Neumann W491 mastering EQ (x2)

Neumann W495 mastering EQ (x4)

Bricasti Reverb

EMT 140 plate reverb

Mastering Room Spring Reverb

Quad Eight Spring Reverb

Orban Spring Reverb

Roland SRE-555 Space Echo tape delay / chorus

Higwatt Tape Delay

Studer A807  Tape Delay

We got stuff to boss the electrons around...

Bogue Sound Studio racks

Live, Remote Recording: This is how we roll… 

Live recording rig at Mystery


Hammond B-3 organ w/ Leslie 122  (1965) 

Fender Rhodes - Suitcase electric piano, formerly of Marsh Woodwinds — freshly serviced and dialed in by David Anderson!

National Steel Tricone Guitar - style#1  (1939)

National Steel Duolian Guitar

National Triplex Chord Changer Lap Steel

National amp - great for lap-steel / harp

1968 AMPEG Reverb-o-Jet amp -- with reverb and tremolo

Fender Deluxe Reverb - great sounding blackface amp

Premier guitar amp - from Marsh Woodwinds

Gibson EH-185  — Amazing tube amp from 1939, field coil speaker

Gibson ES-150 — 1940 archtop guitar w/Charlie Christian pickup

Silvertone Accordion 

Martin 00-18 guitar (1956)

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