Live / On-Location Recording

Small groups, combos or solo performers can be easily accommodated in our studios.  For larger ensembles or live concert recordings, we can pack our recording gear up and come to you.  If you have a live concert, recital, performance, worship service, or private concert, we can make arrangements with you to record the performance live and on-location.  Afterwards, we can mix the recording in the comfort of our studio and provide you with a polished recording.

There are several different types of live / on-location recording environments to consider:

- Recording a live performance in front of an audience with minimal additions to the existing stage setup. This setup is ideal when you already have a concert planned.  For this situation, we use a transformer-isolated mic splitter to record the existing stage mics and add a few more mics of our own, depending upon the instruments involved and stage layout.   

- Classical performances / recitals are normally recorded in an acoustically pleasing venue like a church, cathedral or theatre.  Many of these performances have no PA system (or a very minimal system).  A minimal approach to micing is used here, where a small number (2-6) of high quality mics are placed on stage or high above the stage to capture the performance.  Factors such as the size of the stage,  the size of the ensemble, the type of instruments, and whether choirs or a pipe organ is involved will all help guide the planning of these recording projects.

- If you would like to record your band live in a house, club, theatre or other venue (whether an audience is there or not), we can bring a wide variety of high-quality microphones and pre-amps to capture a performance in lush detail.  Depending upon the venue and the size of the audience (if any), it may be possible to avoid using a PA system at all -- this provides for a much cleaner recording and avoids problems associated with loud PA speakers and stage monitors.  A situation like this can also provide you with a more relaxed approach for playing and recording live, outside the typical studio environment.  Such recordings could take place over a couple of hours in one evening, or over several days, depending upon your needs,  musician availability and number of tunes recorded.    

For more information, contact Dave Tilley: dave @ or have your operator connect you 
to Judson-6-54-54, or simply dial direct at 919.622.3709